gPotato Europe is proud to announce the new extension of the free MMORPG Rappelz , available on in French, German , Turkish , Polish and Italian . With Epic VII: Breath of Darkness, the story of this dark world continues with a wave of new content and features.

The time has come for the Rappelz community completely rediscover the Lost Island and its history. Indeed , the surface of the island has now quadrupled ! Get rid of Nanami in the Valley of Spikes Frozen , cross the beautiful wood in the Mille Mirages , find men in cold blood in the Forest Cryochardes , and face the terrible hosts Nest Grupein . All these and many other places to be discovered in the extension of the Lost Island , Epic VII : Breath of Darkness .

You prefer the battle to exploration ? Rappelz Epic VII will bring new challenges to players of all levels across seven Dungeons Hidden . Solve the keepers of dungeons you can access the existing and hidden dungeons where monsters and terrifying novel that await you.

But that's not all! New creatures will emerge at stake Taming the Tyrant of Death then accompany you in all your battles . Players can even combine their cards familiar to increase their statistics and abilities . The guild system will be completely renewed with a new interface and new features and new quests , outfits and accessories are now available.

You 're new to the world of Rappelz ? Simply register on the portal , join one of three factions available and create your own character , choosing from one of 24 classes of the game ! Challenge yourself to survive the onslaught of hordes of monsters standing . Tame creatures who will then assist you in battles and enjoy an impressive variety of dynamic combat skills and tactics.