When IGG released version 6.0 of Wonderland Online, fans cheered the addition of two new player characters and a new human pet, St. Joan. If you’ve ever longed to play the part of a wealthy princess, consider your wish granted. Or maybe you prefer the strong, silent type. Either way, the new characters are loads of fun and dangerous in battle. Add St. Joan to your party, and even the most formidable foes will feel your fury!

Karin Liebtrud
Karin’s father is Japanese and her mother German. Renowned for her beauty, and possessing great wealth, she lives the fairytale life of a princess! With her special Butler’s Guard skill, she can summon a servant to help her when it’s time for action.

Kurogane Juzo
Juzo is an honest craftsman whose skill with a hammer goes beyond his trade. Even though he doesn’t like talking with others, he’s always willing to help those in trouble. With his Hammer Soul skill, he can deal a deadly blow against any who oppose him.

Both characters have powerful attacks, making them ideal choices for players who live for combat.

St. Joan
The new human pet, also known as the “Maid of Orleans,” was a 15th century saint and a heroine of France. In the game, she wields a splendid weapon called the Goddess Sword and has two powerful attack skills: Running Strike and Water Explode. You’ll quickly come to appreciate her value when the odds are stacked against you.

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