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Game Freak's Junichi Masuda has revealed a major change for the Pokémon series. In his latest blog, the Black & White designer has declared that you'll only encounter new Pokémon in the game's story mode.

In past games you'd regularly encounter old Pokémon in the game's story mode but it seems that now you'll only be able to catch them once you've completed the main game.

Masuda explained the decision, saying that he wants to make sure that kids and adults have the same experience when playing the game. He wants all players to ask "What is this Pokémon?" when they encounter a monster. It's all part of a plan to give players the same feeling that they had when they played their first Pokémon game.

According to Masuda development staff and players outside the company liked the idea. "It's like playing something completely new, similar to when I played Red & Green," is one comment that Masuda has heard. "You don't even know the type of the Pokemon, so you're surprised at the skills," is another.

Masuda concedes that designing the Pokemon has been tough, but Game Freak staff say that they're happy if players enjoy themselves.

So it's new Pokémon only, then. You can see which new Pokémon you'll be able to catch here.