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The blog pages of the new revision comes Wololo stable for the Half Byte Loader, the eLoader bootable on firmware 5.50, 5.55, 5.70 , 6.00 , 6.10 , 6.20 using the exploit of demo Patapon 2. The 1997 revision includes several enhancements including:
- Correction of an annoying graphic bug that made some very playable homebrew game ;
- Was implemented wMenu 0.3 that lets you navigate in subfolders to better organize your homebrew ;
- You can now exit the homebrew through the combination of keys + (This combination can be changed editanto hbl_config.txt file ) ;
- Fixed other minor bugs.
No information about compatibility with 6.30e firmware 6.31 , so it's fair to assume that nothing has changed in this regard.