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Thread: SensMe now also on custom firmware 5.xx * UPDATE * v2

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    psp SensMe now also on custom firmware 5.xx * UPDATE * v2

    News via

    hirmfaxi The developer has released a new application for our PSP. This is a homebrew that will allow us to use on the console with custom firmware 5:50 GEN 5:50 MHU , 5.00 M33 , the SensMe , a feature introduced by Sony with firmware 6.10 , which automatically splits your music into channels that, once selected , can listen to music more suitable to the time of day or your mood.
    Following the installation process and the link to download.

    * UPDATE *: hirmfaxi today has updated his homebrew . The update fixes some problems that occurred during playback . wma . More information and a link to download below.


    - Copy the folder Sensme_5xx to PSP / GAME folder and NPIA00013 PSP / APP
    - Start homebrew

    Changelog v2 :
    - Fixed a bug that occurs when playing files. wma

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    thanks it works very well i have not encountered any issues ...psp fat 5.00m33-7(patch)
    nice work thanks again

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    cool works fine for me too now all we need is the digital comics book reader working and were set

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