A report indicates that Nintendo will unveil a new peripheral for the company's GameCube at the upcoming E3 in LA. The report, which cites the Kyoto Shimbun ( a newspaper based in Kyoto) as its source, claims that they have received official confirmation from Nintendo's Japanese public relations office regarding "the appearance of new hardware at the trade show which will add new functionality to the Cube."
At this point the device is rumored to be something along the lines of Sony's EyeToy, but speculation as to exactly what the peripheral will be is sure to persist in the coming weeks leading up to the Expo.
This May's E3 is shaping up to be an interesting, and potentially vital event for the three major console manufactures as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are expected to reveal their plans for the next generation of gaming. With new hardware and even groundbreaking handheld devices on display, we should get a good idea as to what the future gaming landscape will look like in just a few short weeks.