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New version released for PSPedict the homebrew designed by PixelDragon and currently developed by batanen that allows us to transform our beloved PSP in a dictionary Japanese / English ( for English / Italian then we arrange it the old way ) . The expanded version v0.5 has a dictionary and several improvements to the code. The coder announces that this is the last version he published the work begun by PixelDragon willing to leave to others the task of pursuing . Who will want to try it with this archive in the Annex to the procedure and the source code homebrew .
Following full changelog and downloads

Changelog :

- New searchable dictionaries :
° Tanaka Corpus ( Divided into three parts)
° Kanjidic (for studying purposes)
° Surname ( Divided into three parts)
° Given female name ( Divided into 2 parts)
° Given bad name
° Given name gender not specified
° Place Names ( Divided into four parts)
° Railway Station
· Company name
° Organization name
° Product name
° name Unclassified ( Divided into three parts)
- Wrote the logic and added 300 kanji images . Help needed with Completing the set!
- Fixed a bug. Immediately Edict icon is now seen in menus When used SKIP / Stroke count search.