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Heres the details:

Nickname: Simplex Productions
Project name: Avia : Tropic Edition
From: China / USA / Canada (Team)
Division: Retro APP
Platform: Nintendo DS
Original entry: YES
Support Motion: YES
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10: NO

Project description:
Avia is a free birdwatcher's guide, equipped with high quality bird calls, detailed images and information for every bird enthusiast alike. It's perfect for trips, or any situation where you can't get ahold of any resources for your exploration.

Going to or residing within a tropical country? Just love to absorb information about wildlife, including the biodiversity of birds outside of your natural habitat? Then Avia is perfect for you!

How to use:
1. Download Avia : Tropic edition from here.
2. Move Avia.nds / Avia.ds.gba onto your flashcard by mounting it onto the MicroSD chip using an adapter.
3. Load up your Nintendo DS with the flashcard in it and run Avia.nds.
4. Enjoy!

The touch screen is the main tool for this application. Other controls include:

- Left / Right : Navigates through the Bird Guide
- A : Plays the sound of the bird's call
- Select : Prompts the Help / Controls menu
- Start : Returns to Main Menu
- Motion : Tilting left will navigate the bird guide to the left, tilting right will navigate the bird guide to the right.

There is also an extra feature - Quiz Mode! Test your knowledge of bird biodiversity by guessing the name of birds by their appearance and bird calls!


Our Team:

Richard "zhangzi89" Zhang

Daniel "B12CORE" Li

Sound Editor
Andrew Johnson

Graphic Design
Jason "diSTurBedDeSIGNs" West

Sound Effects
Nature Sounds


Thanks to:

Special thanks to the Beta Testers:
Alexander Patterson
Anthony Patterson
Edward Steadsman
Michel Torres
Ronald Scrawner
Song Tian
Wan Shao Li

We hope you enjoy our neat little application, we worked very hard on it.

Long live the homebrew!,6310.0.html