News/release from Mexicouger

This is my First release of A Metroid Quake mod I am working on. It is in Standard Alpha stages, SO It doesn't quite feel like Metroid yet. But It is a full-on Quake/Kurok Conversion To Metroid. So Don't expect that this is just quake with a few edited stuff.

I can't remember, But I think there is a a thing In-game that tells you the Controls. And anyways, the Controls are Adjustable. If you have ever played Quake, then you would know what I mean.

Here are some Things That I am working on with My team:

-A player Model(Tetra)
-A few more beams
-More maps
-Smarter bots
-Lots of bugs need to be fixed
-I need to finish the Menu(You will notice I haven't finished it Yet )
-Online Server
-Campaign mode
-Classic Mode(Maybe)
-New Morphball
-New Blaster Animations AND Texture
-New models
-More Blaster effects
-Custom Sound effects

Ignore The Debby Ryan Picture. I just Like her

I have more Updates on the way.

Official Website:

Download Here -->