MahoppianGoon released a new version of x360 Music Organizer - a custom 'mindex.xmi' file creator.

What's new/fixed:
* added: Automatically convert 'mp3, ogg, and wav' files to WMA!
* added: Automatically rename the 'mindex' folder, if it exists in the same folder as the 'Output Directory", on your computer!
* added: Update checker in the 'About' tab!
* added: Volume and Now Playing menus to system tray icon!
* added: Next, Stop, Pause, Play, Previous buttons to tray icon menu!
* added: System tray icon shows the name and time of the song playing!
* added: 'Music Player' (wma/mp3/ogg/wav) in the 'mindex.XMI Cre' tab!
* added: Automatically add the converted FMIM->WMA files to the list!
* added: 'Choose FMIM Folder' in the 'FMIM Music Converter' tab!
* fixed: Songs length number in the XMI file!
* changed: textbox in the 'mindex.XMI Creator' tab is now a listview!