PS2 gangster 'em-up Yakuza has been earning quite a few plaudits in the CVG office, even before its official release next month with our pundits describing it as a ultra-violent free roaming action adventure with some funky tattoos. "Think Shenmue with gameplay or something that evokes the spirit of a next-gen Double Dragon" says our highly impressed Yakuza expert, before ordering himself a fresh tattoo.

So double good news today for potential Yakuza fans, with the launch of not only an official web site for the game, wherein you'll be able to find screens and info and view episodic teaser trailers building up to release on Sept 15.

Anyway, it seems even before the game hits shelves here, Toshihiro Nagoshi, the mastermind behind Yakuza is already plotting Yakuza part deux, telling Japanese TV that he would welcome making a sequel but mysteriously adding - with a hint of gangster-ish laughter - that for the moment he could say no more.

Seems the code of Omerta has silenced Nagoshi-san (or perhaps he's being stalked by a giant spiky blue Sega 'enforcer') before he could reveal any more, but if our Yakuza pundit is right, then it's all around good news for gamers looking for something just that little bit different from your average gangster game. We'll have more, as it arrives.

Screens Here