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LeAnonymous proposes preview "Wii Mario Sokoban" wii port of sokoban PC with the famous mustachioed plumber through which passed much of the French devs through a tutorial site zero .
So it works with the Wiimote vertically , cross direction to move to the next level , you have to press "1 " then " B " and to move to the previous level is " 2 "and " B " . For cons , the game contains only two levels , but there is a level editor (available in a binary below ). Create levels: To create levels , launch " Wii Mario Sokoban Editor " and then look registration in the bottom right and select the level you want to create / edit buttons with the cross up and down . If you want to change a level , choose "Level 1 "or "Level 2 " , if you want to create one, select "Level 3 "or more. You place your objects by pointing and clicking "A " , subject to change is " + "and "Home ". When finished , press "2 " , quit with " Home " ( without pressing "+ "just before , otherwise it changes its object and it is useless ^ ^ ) , run " Sokoban Mario Wii "and your level is ready ! If I wrote all this is that I struggled to understand everything , I would not think it happens to you ^^...

Hello everyone,

After having finished the TP Mario Sokoban in the third part of the tutorial teo21 M @ C , I decided to bring the game on the Wii and I did thanks to the tutorial and Gambit2099 snake_48 ( thank you to them! by cons I still do not have to play the music ) .

I made several changes to my program and after several hours of debugging here is what happens :

There are two programs in fact, the game itself and the publisher.

The game: You can move through the level, move the blocks , if you're ever stuck you can restart the level or load another . A text at the bottom of the screen tells you the level number where you are. When you get to finish the level nothing happens , you simply load a new one or quit the game

Editor : With the wiimote you move the cursor , you can load a level and modify, or create a new one and save it . The icon of the cursor image of the object you 're placing in the level. You can of course change has been placed ( boxes, player's position, etc. ) .