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Wololo and his team are pleased to present the rev99 their famous Half - Byte Loader. A new version that you will probably only happiness !

News / Corrections :

- The emulator will be faster on all models of PSP, previous revisions of HBL did not allow that on the PSPgo .
- Fixed some problems that occur in response to the homebrew supports some buttons .
- Fixed bug "button HOME PSP " on your PSP .

Key features :

A brief summary is necessary: HBL is a loader that allows on ALL PSP models (the latest PSP GB included) until firmware 6.20 included, enjoy the many proposed homebrew on the console.

Depending on your firmware , here is a non -exhaustive list of compatible homebrew .

- It is in any case possible to run commercial games in HBL.
- Sony has recently released versions 6.30 and 6.31 of its firmware, which suppress the fault Patapon 2 , making it impossible to execute unsigned code . However a Hello World has just made its appearance. See related news GX - Mod !


To take advantage of the loader, you must download and install :

1. The demo for Patapon 2 (directory " UCUS98734 " in " PSP / GAME ").
2 . The feat Patapon 2 ( directory " UCUS98732_DATA02 " in " PSP / SAVEDATA .
3. The loader (HBL " h.bin " and directory " hbl "to the root ) .
4. Homebrew compatible.

- Once the hack correctly installed , simply run the demo Patapon 2, to " continue " and select the backup hacked . Once the backup and the level loaded , pressing the R button will start the loader.