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It ' has a new update for Ultimate Recovery Menu, the recovery alternative to this default on the various custom firmware 5:50 (GEN , or Prometheus , avoid installation on TA- 088v3 PSP 2000 and PSP 3000 worth the brick ) created by developers Ceikor ,- blue7 , Hackman , and Namenloser Total_Noob . I remember that this modified version allows us to: use the Recovery Flasher ( if present on the Memory Stick ) to restore the console in case of semi -brick , display various information on the PSP besides the various operations related to the battery. The update adds the function today EasyInstall backup restore and fixes some bugs in earlier releases.
Following the complete changelog, a demonstration video and a link to download.

Changelog rev.150 - Video:


- It 's absolutely prevent installation on TA- 088v3 PSP 2000 and 3000 , failing which the brick.
- Before installation is strongly recommended to use the function Make backups made available by the installer of the Ultimate Recovery Menu, which will restore the old Recovery.
- PSP- ITA assumes no responsibility in case of malfunction of the console due to improper use of the program

Changelog :
- Translation available: English , German , French
- Added the backup restore function EasyInstall
- Fixed some bugs