TyRaNiD has announced another version of PSPLink, here's what he has got to say about this release:

"Okay a new psplink release, only a few changes and bug fixes in this one.

Few disasm bugs fixed
Added a sysstat command to print things like number of clock cycles spent in the idle thread
Added a psplink.ini option for a startup script, by specifying this a script will be run every time psplink is reset. Superceeds the the old modload command and allows you to do anything including patching up ram
Added a uidinfo command to print some more info about a specific UID
Added a daemon mode to remotejoy
Added a few more instructions to the disasm
Added a specific hardware breakpoint command, before you had to know how the hardware debugger worked to set a hardware breakpoint
And probably some other stuff I forgot

Anyway this is my last public release of psplink I am ever going to make, I am getting sick of the association with my stuff to certain other unmentionable aspects of the PSP community and not even the name is sacred (hence v2). I might keep updating svn but dont expect a binary release again. Now time to concentrate on more important PSP matters, have fun."

Stay tuned for the release!

via PS2Dev