The Blu-ray Disc Association - which comprises key execs from Sony, Samsung, Disney and Warner Bros, amongst others - has told CVG that the capacity of the format will grow to "support the ambitions of games developers" in future.

The news comes after Sharp announced a new 100GB, triple-layered Blu-ray disc in July - dubbed 'BDXL'.

PS3 is currently the only games console to read Blu-ray - and is limited to the standard dual-layered 50GB disc. If a 100GB disc - or larger - becomes the industry standard in future, it will likely require a new model of PS3, or, most intriguingly, a new games console altogether.

"The ambition of [games] developers is unlimited and therefore you will see new and exciting innovations that could well require additional storage capacity," European Blu-ray Disc Association chairman Graham Heaton told CVG.

"Blu-ray is in a position to be able to grow with the industry and ensure that disc storage capacity can support the ambitions of the developers."

Microsoft has told CVG that it isn't interested in adopting Blu-ray for Xbox. It instead considers digital media the 'future of home entertainment'.

However, developers such as Capcom and Mercury Steam have discussed the "problem" of creating games on multiple DVD discs - and said that the issue will only become more apparent as time goes on.

The 360 version of Konami's Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow will be released on two DVD discs in October.

Earlier this year, Lost Planet 2 producer Jun Takeuchi revealed that Capcom had to hack content out of the 360 version of the game to fit it onto DVD.

Meanwhile, God Of War 3 developer Sony Santa Monica claimed that its PS3 exclusive required over 40GB of space - and was only possible on PS3.