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Thread: No PSP port to PSGroove being developed – EAVPSP is Fake

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    Default No PSP port to PSGroove being developed – EAVPSP is Fake

    There has been a stir that a PSP port for PSGroove is in development with the name “OpenPSJailbreak”. PS3Hax members, madshaun1984 and dunfyy, have exposed “EAVPSP” as a fake, and that has no idea what he is doing. You can read and laugh at the chat logs HERE. Apparently all EAVPSP was working on was compiling a sample from the PSPSDK and making it look like a fake GUI.

    So it seems we are back to ground zero on a PSP port, but rumor has it Mathieulh is working on a PSPGroove port (no confirmation), and there may actually already be a completed PSP port in the wild.

    And just as a friendly reminder, don’t waste your money and donate to someone who doesn’t show his progress/results first

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    now i am going to correct you on your post here, ban me if you want, i only joined to show you otherwise.

    read his twitter, before going off assumptions of other users. this is his personal twitter, as he has been talking with Mathieulh all day on it.

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