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    K so i finnally got an Action replay working on my wii. (Had to Install a bunch of crap...)

    Anyway I was wondering if theres a faster way to enter codes into AR, Ive currently got the Action Replays .GCI file sitting on my desktop.

    Are there any programs that will open the gci for editing the codes? I tried using a hex editor but all i can find is the code name and not the Codes themselfs... If someone would be willing to help me out, I Attatched both a modified GCI and a Normal one (By modified i simply mean i went and added an ar code normally so there would be a difference between the files) Unfortunatly when i added the new code it updated the file so alot more then just 1 line changed.


    If anyone knows the layout for the ar gci file and would be willing to tell me how the codes are stored (are they stored in their original format? or in the RAW form)

    Edit: I found out that every time i save the file 2 values at the top change along with the codes for the game edited (all the codes not just new ones) The text stays the same however... Really starting to get annoying...

    PS: Sorry if this is in wrong location.
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