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GEFA , Italian developer , releases through the forum to PSP - ENG amateur an interesting development on the PSP .
Has led to a port of Chipmunk Physics for PSP, a free C + + library for managing two-dimensional collisions .
The importance of physics in modern games is radical , given its potential to create the so-called " emergent gameplay " , no longer exclusive sandbox games, but also of important commercial games.

The archive is completed and a demo with sources , to become familiar with the library and to start to make collision objects.
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Release Notes :

I carried the latest version of the PSP physics library Chipmunk ( ) .
I also implemented the form cpMouse Tommy Thorsen .

Inside there is also a small demo written by me ( Chipmunk 5.3.1 for PSP \ Demo NDzero ) already completed , working on both fat and on slim . To handle the graphics I have chosen to use the mod oslib of Sakya .
Attention to one small detail: chipmunk understands the position of the axes unlike oslib . chipmunk In fact, the first point at the top left appears to have coordinates (0, 272), in contrast oslib , where he coordinates instead of (0.0) . Under development , so when you call a chipmunk function properly you must convert the coordinates are used , and changed back when you switch to oslib , as is clearly seen in the demo .