News/release from M14_b2

Metroid Escape Mission, developed by chus (also recognzied as samuschus), is a game in which we have to guide Samus Aran through different places, with the purpose of arriving to her spacecraft. This homebrew could remind you the fantastic Metroid Fusion (GBA).

While we are running to our spacecraft, we must destroy some monsters previously, but taking into account that we only have 30 seconds. Also Samus can kill monsters with 3 kinds of arms.

At the moment there's only a level, but in the future you'll be able to play some other levels that the coder is preparing.


D-Pad: Move options.
X: Accept/Enter.
O: Return.
D-Pad: Move character.
Start: Pause.
X: Jump.
Square: Shoot.
Triangle: Missile Shooting.
O: Supermissile shooting.