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Thread: PSGroove coming to all PS3 FW versions up to 3.41

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    ps3 PSGroove coming to all PS3 FW versions up to 3.41

    RichDevX has just announced on his Twitter account that he has been successful in executing lv2 privileged code on a PS3 debugging station. What this means is that we will be able to port PSGroove on any PS3 firmware prior to 3.42. So pretty soon you wont have to update your PS3 to version 3.41 to be able to run the exploit.

    To Quote RichDevX:
    awesome! I successfully executed lv2 privileged code on a ps3 debugging station it means that I'm able to port psgroove to all PS3 FW versions (debug/retail (pre 3.42))

    Source: RichDevX (Twitter) via PSX-Scene
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