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Thread: Red Steel info from down under

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    Rev Red Steel info from down under

    Thanks to a truly dedicated poster over at the Nintendo forums, we get some new information from Australian game magazine Hyper on how Red Steel is progressing as it nears Wii launch time. Most notable of the facts revealed were how things have changed since a so-so E3 debut.

    The Wii controls are changing a lot especially since the E3 version ... The system needs a little time to recognize your move (This I'm worried about...) but at the end this is your move that is performed on screen. Besides, today on the current version, we have some movement being mapped and some not. Some will stay mapped at the end so that with an accessible move you can unleash and impressive action you would never be able to perform in real life.

    Also, the representative admits that the Red Steel team is pushing an improved Unreal engine to "its limits."

    Red Steel is running on the improved version Unreal engine for the Wii system. A large portion of our team has already worked with the Unreal engine. They are already well aware of its strengths and weaknesses. We have pushed the engine to its limits to offer a rich, colored and different setting to the player.

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    o man red steel looks so nice

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    It sure does.

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