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Thread: The PSP Official Guidebook Magazine Preview

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    psp The PSP Official Guidebook Magazine Preview

    News Via GTA

    Another preview for Vice City Stories recently hit news stands (and of course the web) courtesy of the Official PSP Guidebook Magazine in the UK. They did the preview in a rather unique way - a radio interview with ''Mr Rockstar''. While many of the things in the issue have been revealed before, there's some interesting bits - including the amount of missions in the game! Read on to find out and also click the links below to read the article yourself.

    As Vice City Stories is set two years before GTA: VC, there's a lot of construction work going on. The city is going through an ''urban renewal'', and some landmarks may still just be large towers of scaffolding.
    The new trailer park (revealed before) is going to be quite a key location in terms of the storyline.
    As said before, there'll be brand new characters in VCS and in this issue it's revealed that you'll get plenty of connections from the trailer park's locals.
    Music for VCS still hasn't been finalized yet. The Rockstar representative said that he knows everyone thought the Vice City soundtrack was one of the best things in the game and that they hope to better it.
    The dynamic water, which affects the way water move, is going to give the water of Vice City a whole new look.
    There's more than 70 storyline missions in Vice City Stories.

    Game also have a load of New screens here

    Download the Scans Via Comments

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    I am definitely going to get this game.

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    Yeah its looking so so good, LCS was good but this, this is something else.....

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