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Thread: Displaying maps on PSP's web browser (2.0+ fw users)

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    psp Displaying maps on PSP's web browser (2.0+ fw users)

    More news from the Slashdotted Deniska, (Congrats to him and a big thanks from everyone here at DCEMU )

    Since people keep asking, here is a short tutorial & example of how to do it:

    The map viewer package, that I released for neo flash compo, includes the cygwin script (in the scripts) to get the maps for any given GPS coordinate:
    ./ [latitude] [longitude] [base zoom] [size]

    The script takes 4 arguments.
    You can find out the latitude/longitude for the area of your interest by using following tool:

    Base zoom [0-16] cooresponds to the values of the zoom bar on that tools map (with 0 being the most detailed map)

    Size - is the number of 256pixel segments, your map's side will consist of, i.e size 16 will create you a base map of 4096x4096 pixels

    You do need to install cygwin from

    There are plenty of tutorials on setting up and using this unix - like environment...

    But le't just take a pre-made map (generated with the script) and load it on the browser...

    1. Create a folder called /WEB in the root of your PSP's memory stick.
    2.Download a small map of center of Paris: (paste the link in to your browser if it does not work directly) and unzip it in to WEB folder, that you just created.
    Your WEB folder should have 1x, 2x, 4x... folders in it, as well as 1x.html 2x.html...8x.html files...

    3. Open PSP's web browser and type in following URL:

    You should see your saved map now..
    Click on the map to zoom in or use LEFT TRIGGER to go back & zoom out...Use directional buttons to move up/down/left/right on the map.

    This, of course, is not as versatile as the "MapThis!" program, but may still be useful in some cases for 2.7+ FW users...

    NOTE: displaying maps, large than 4096x4096 will run PSP's browser out of memory...

    More over at Deniska`s site hosted here at DCEmu

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    This is great. I was actually wondering how to do that. Thank's for the tutorial densika.

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