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Thread: PlayStation Move whos cheapest?

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    ps3 PlayStation Move whos cheapest?

    Tomorrow marks the arrival of PlayStation Move on the UK High Street and perhaps its not surprising to see Tesco undercutting the rest of the market to offer the new controller at the lowest price.
    Online portal Tesco Direct is currently selling the PlayStation Move Starter Pack for just 39.70. Furthermore, consumer advice site SavyGamer points out that the use of an online voucher can bring the total price of both the Start Pack and Navigation Controller for just 53.70.
    And theres no postage charge for those who choose to collect the order from their nearest Tesco store.
    Other competitive prices on the Starter Pack include SimplyGames (41.85), ShopTo (42.85) and The Game Collection (43.99).

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    Unfortunately, the navigational controller or a second Move controller isn't included with the starter pack. Which in all the images of people playing with Move, they are holding either two controllers or the Move and navigational controller. I would appreciate a package that would be available, just as the Wii came bundled with both the Wii-Remote and Nunchuck controllers. Maybe October, November or December will see the bundles from the stores we go back to year after year (GAME).

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