Peter Dille is quite possibly one of the most qualified people to speak about PlayStation's 15 year legacy. Minus a stint at THQ, SCEA's senior vice president has been working with Sony since the PS1 launch, returning for the PS3 era. Not only did we get to speak with him about the past 15 years, but we had a chance to talk about the future and the growing importance of the Network in Sony's vision of gaming's future.

Joystiq: This is a difficult first question, but what in your mind is PlayStation's single greatest contribution to the industry since its introduction 15 years ago?

Peter Dille: I think PlayStation changed the business in a way that made gaming popular and accessible to a much bigger audience than had been the case. When we introduced PlayStation back in 1995, we were competing against Sega and Nintendo -- two very successful companies. Largely, folks regarded gaming as something kids did, that something kids would grow out of it once they came to their senses.

What PlayStation proved was that gaming was a legitimate form of entertainment, and the combination of the Sony brand and the PlayStation product and brand identity resonated with folks who were teenagers, but also people who were 35 years old. And the proof is: in 1995, the business was $2.5 billion, and today it's a $20 billion business. We helped grow this business in a way that I think speaks for itself.