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Thread: Games obsessed with "gay space marines"

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    General games Games obsessed with "gay space marines"

    What's the biggest problem the games industry faces in 2010? Used games? Piracy? No, it's "gay space marines" according to Mafia II's senior producer.

    When MTV's Multiplayer blog put the question to 2K Games' Denby Grace he replied, "It's a very good question and maybe a little general for a concise answer. An obsession with gay space marines."

    Grace also revealed the best advice he'd been given during his career. "Recently actually from one of my bosses. 'Keep being an ass****, you're good at it.' He meant it in a nice way - I think. You have to be a little tough in my role, and sometimes break some hearts to make games."

    We've been in touch with 2K to see if Grace would care to clarify his statement. We'll update if we get a response.

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    Well, to be honest, he's got a point.

    Everything since Quake II has just been about bigger, butcher men with bigger, shinier guns...

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