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Following the progress of the PS3 hack , including the updating of PSFreedom (1.1 ) , Waninkoko a new version of its console port Dingoo to include new features PEEK and POKE to have access to L2 memory .


1. Place the file PSFreedom_zImage for the version of your LCD screen on the microSD and rename it " zImage ".

If you do not know the version of your screen:
- Enter the menu " System Setup "
- Click on "About " at the top
- Then do ↑ → ↓ ↑ → ↓ (Top, Right , Down , Up, Right , Down )
- Watch Online MODULE LCD to see your screen version : ILI9325 or ILI9331 .

2 . Start Dingux and wait to start the kernel completely.

3. It 'll just connect your PS3 to your Dingoo and follow the usual procedure : Turn off your PS3 (switch back to OFF ), connect your Dingoo on it , restart your PS3 (switch back to ON ) , press "Power " button and quickly " Eject ". Now let the magic play .

Note: the patch for the kernel is present in the archive to the " kernel - patch " . This patch was created to be applied at the beginning of the branch opendingux 2.6.35 kernel .