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Thread: Wavloader v0.1 Released

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    psp Wavloader v0.1 Released

    Insomniac197 posted this news/release:

    A simple interface for utilising the MikMod library to play WAV files

    -= Samples =-

    In the 'Samples' directory within this archive there is example code on how to integrate

    There are two examples currently.

    simple - Shows only the basic functions needed to load and play a WAV.
    advanced - Illustrates how to change the volume, pan and stopping a playing WAV.

    (When compiling these samples do not forget to put the 'sound.wav' file in the
    same folder as the EBOOT when moving onto the PSP)

    The samples and the wavloader.h are well commented so implementation should be simple.

    MikMod will only play MONO uncompressed WAV files.

    -= Version History =-

    Version 0.1
    -- Initial Release

    Download and Give feedback Via Comments

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    many homebrew use this..
    so what's the deal here?

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