Vinnepin has released an updated version of his game for the Neoflash Coding Contest:

This is a puzzle game. The game can have up to 112 stones on the play table, where each stone must have a pair, so there are 66 possible matches that can be made.
The goal is to remove each stone from the game table, u must first select 1 stone and then another one of the same kind. The catch behind this puzzle is that when u have clicked on 2 of the same stones, that in the background there are going to be drawn Lines (Up, down, left, and right) from the first selected stone. But this Line can only make MAX 2 corners! So u must visuallize those first and then click on the stones.

Time for another update:

Sorry i was today and not yesterday as i said, but i needed to rewrite al lot of logic in my code because of a new feature.

In this new feature u will encounter a sort of Boss in each final level of each stage. This boss will be a big stone block and need a special way to remove that one. When u reach level 10: Just play the level like any other level u played, but here u will notice some new stones. These stones vary from P1 - P5. These i call power stones, when u clear the level and a specific spot on the game table becomes clear of stones, a Power stone may become visible. When u see these Power stones, u can use these against the Big Boss. But u must use them in order, so first use P1 against him, then P2 and so on until he is defeated.

I hope u like this new feature and it did cost me a long time to make this for u .

Also there some new levels, so Stage 1 is complete and u progress to Stage 2. But Stage 2 only has 1 level as it is the same as Stage 1 level 1, but it was only to see if the progress works . A notice for this, the game may act very weird when u complete Stage 2 level 1, so watch out!!!!

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