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Thread: Argon v0.2

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    ps2 Argon v0.2

    User112 has posted a new version of his SMS Media player for the PS2, heres whats new:

    - Requires an internet connection.
    - Edit Argon.xml to define folders to be parsed - <music> and <photo> (you can add several entries), and the path to uLaunchELF.
    - Weather (using the service provided by The Weather Channel) - working. Edit Argon.xml to set you location (here is an explanation on how to obtain your location ID: Pressing X on the weather screen will display a satellite image.
    - Radio categories list implemented.
    - Photo - working, but libjpeg is damn slow. Thumbnails are shown for only the first five JPEGs (to speedup loading). Left/right - previous/next.
    - Music thumbnails implemented (folder.jpg or AlbumArtSmall.jpg).
    - Still single threaded - takes ages to load...


    If you want to help the project, here are the main tasks:
    - SMS playback functions, if you are able to understand EEUG's code, I'm not, so I'm waiting for him to give me some clues,
    - threads, semaphores, timers and stuff like that,
    - high quality mp3 decoder (libmad maybe? - haven't tested it yet) - while SMS mp3 decoder is ok for movies (speed is more important there), for plain mp3's we can use something better,
    - Shoutcast support,
    - SMB support -, if it's performance will be adequate,
    - DAAP support (iTunes sharing),
    - AAC decoder - FAAC?
    - visualization - based on something like that or (this one is opensource) or something else, but it should be extremely minimalistic (and I don't care about it reacting to the music),
    - zlib support for those bitmaps and fonts,
    - better icons.
    These are more or less in the order of their priority. Contact me if you are interested.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    how can i run this in usb

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