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PicoDrive is Megadrive / Genesis / Sega CD / Mega CD / 32X / SMS emulator.

From the last version, 32X and SMS support was added. This is still incomplete (32X needs work and I lack motivation for SMS), it has been in development for more than a year now and it started taking forever because of other projects, so I figured I should release something as it reached somewhat usable state.

Many 32X games need overclocking and some glitch badly due to bugs. There is still a lot room for improvement though. There should be no need to tweak SH2 underclocking or disabling PWM like on GP2X/Wiz/Caanoo, just give it enough overclock and games should be playable if they are compatible.

Here is complete changelog from last released version:
  • Enabled 32X and SMS code. It's still unfinished but better release something
    now than wait even more (it has been in development for more then a year now
    due to various other projects or simply lack of time).
  • Pandora: added hardware scaler support, including ability to resize the
    layer and control filtering.
  • Changed the way keys are bound, no need to unbind old one any more.
  • Handle MP3s with ID3 tags better (some MP3s with ID3 did not play).
  • Improved shadow/hilight color levels.
  • Fixed broken cheat support.