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features•Select from all six fairy talents and customize your fairy's facial features, hair style, outfits and accessories
•Tinker Bell, Silvermist, Iridessa, Rosetta, Fawn and Vidia - in six action-adventures
•Download your fairies from to the English Countryside on the Nintendo DS. Send postcards from Fairy Camp to friends in Upload gatherables from the English Countryside to
•Select from over 260 clothing items and accessories
•Explore the mainland in various quests, time-based minigames, puzzles and crafts
descriptionIt's the day after the Great Fairy Rescue and there is much to do to bring Summer to the Mainland! Create your very own fairy and fly into Fairy Camp. The minister of Summer has a very special task for you - to find and grow the rare Rainbow Lily for this year's End-of-Summer Celebration! Interact with Lizzy, then team up with your fairy friends to bring each of the six rare lilies to Fairy Camp. Complete quests, play-mini-games and adventure through the Mainland to capture the Rainbow Lily before Summer is over!