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A new version of DSP Emulator has been released. DSP emulates ZX SPECTRUM +3, ZX Spectrum 128, ZX Spectrum 48, Arcade, Amstrad CPC 464, NES and Game Boy.

DSP 0.10▀3 WIP 20/09/10


- Added more opcodes
- Fixed SBCD opcode (Fixes KOD)


BUG: Fixed driver initialization

Black Tiger

ENHANCE: Speed up the scroll

Capcom Play System 1 - CPS1

ENHANCE: Added all the priorities between planes and sprites

ENHANCE: Fixed many bugs and added more speed to driver

ENHANCE: Now if the graphic is out of range is draw transparent (fixes Final Fight)

BUG: Now finds correctly the end of the sprites (fixes SF2)

Strider: Added driver.

Three Wonders: Added driver.

Captain Commando: Added driver.

Knights of the Round: Added driver.

Street Fighter II┤ Champion Edition: Added driver. Missing rowscroll.