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Thread: Proof of Concept PSGroove ported to PlayStation 3 Sixaxis/DualShock 3

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    ps3 Proof of Concept PSGroove ported to PlayStation 3 Sixaxis/DualShock 3

    (Sony May be Unhappy if this news goes mainstream)

    There were reports of people trying to use the SixAxis controller to Jailbreak the PS3. However, we stopped hearing about any progress on it and heard more about clones such as the PS3Key and P3Free and many others. Now, there seems to be proof of a PSGroove port on a PlayStation 3 SixAxis/DualShock 3 controller! Forum user hasuky from stated that he'll be putting more info online tomorrow.

    Translated via Google:
    Starting by telling you, not to say bad words for those many people that maybe criticize the work of others without having done any research or evidence. I feel sorry for these people and for those who doubted in this project: I've spent a bit of my time and achieved what I wanted to do, not having a separate usb device, I wanted to run from the command Psgroove Sixsaxis and step be updatable via PC with just the controller and a USB cable for your bad luck has made the video I'm uploading it now takes a bit because my connection is shared. If you wait about 30 minutes more or less what you see, long time I was interested by the different consoles, as amended. I tell you to cool something that was the first to repair a bad nand extracted from a xbox 360, I have a couple of tutorials that many served him. And thanks to EOL and many people who make this forum what is now really. Tomorrow I will have to make the tutorial and make the respective tests.

    It seems that not only do you use the controller to jailbreak your PS3 but you can continue to use it like a normal controller. However, you would need to connect the controller via USB cable first. This is like a shot to Sony's heart considering modders are using Sony's own product to jailbreak their system.

    It seems that it will require some soldering in order for the PSGroove to be flashed onto the PS3 Controller...
    Quote Originally Posted by hasuky @ ElOtroLado
    Quote Originally Posted by Al Bundy @ ElOtroLado
    Hasuky my friend if you read this, it takes all the time you need to put the tutorial if you need, but it confirms whether to open the command or not to use it as PSGroove, that's quick to make.

    And thank you for your work
    Clarified, as any MOD is to make use of solder on the board of control, nothing complicated, only 8 of them
    *UPDATE #2* (9/26/10)
    So after looking and reading a rough Google translation of the guide (which can be found HERE), it doesnt seem like its an actual port of the PSGroove onto the PS3 controller. Its more of installing a PIC inside the PS3 controller and wiring it to the USB port.

    Source: ElOtroLado Forums / ElOtroLado Forums (Update #1)

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    this will put the psjailbreak folks out of buisiness, who needs to buy an expensive USB stick when your own controller can hack your PS3, the hacking scene is great.

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    Awesome... I have four PS3 controllers, the non-DualShock controllers in my opinion is wasted by myself, until now.

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    Sixxas inside are empty for the most part.
    Very easy to install rapid fire circuit or any other kind of bug you want inside of it.
    A simple switch could be used to swap between a jig and the controllers physical usb port.
    Real or not it looks easy to reproduce and also very convenient to use.

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