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id10terror offers porting PSGroove MP3 Player series Sansa e200 , c200v1 through the use of Rockbox (an firmware open source for some MP3 players ) .

This port was made possible through the work of suffle2 on iPods.


1. Download Rockbox Installer -
2. Use the install to install at least the minimum version of Rockbox

Once Rockbox operating normally on your Sansa :

3. Extract the content for your MP3 player from the archive to the root of your Sansa and authorize the replacement files.
4. Disconnect and restart your Sansa.

Once your Sansa start on this new version of Rockbox , follow the usual procedure

- To remove PSGroove your Sansa , perform a reinstall Rockbox via the install automatic .
- To return to the original firmware and USB functions , turn on your Sansa by holding down the right mouse button ( or back). then connect your device to your PC.

If you own a Sansa e200R ( Version Rhapsody ), you must first follow the installation instructions of Rockbox for this version , namely :
- Patch your bootloader :
- Install Rockbox :

You can then use the same files to the Sansa e200v1 .

SHIFT : Update the archive downloadable which now includes the versions of with patch Hermes.