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Thread: X3 Switch, no more removing PS3 Slim power cable

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    ps3 X3 Switch, no more removing PS3 Slim power cable

    On the original PS3, there was an ON/OFF switch on the back. With the PS3 Slim, Sony removed it. With all the recent outbreak of open source jailbreaks that allows gamers to install homebrew applications, you must start the PS3 from a cold boot. With original PS3, you simply flip the switch but with Slim owners, you must unplug and plug the power cable. This can be a big hassle especially if you're power cable is not easily accessible. This device retails for 19€ ($19.90USD) and is shipping to retailers now.

    The TEAM X3 is well decided to offer products of quality to us, and really useful. Thus, for all the owners of PS3 slim which are not equipped with a switch as on the FAT, the TEAM X3 thus developed X3 Switch, a module which connects between the console and the cable of slim in order to create a switch off-set on the top, by avoiding you the tiresome handling of the cable of slim between each starting of a dongle.

    Finally the price of the module should be in the neighbourhoods of 19€, costs carriage included/understood. The address of the site as for it is and it will be on line under a few hours.

    Environmently friendly saving Energy by completely turns off all power that the PS3 Slim would use

    Protects your PS3 Slim power connector from wear and tear
    Updates the PS3 Slim to have the same ON/OFF feature as the older PS3s (Fat) have by default.
    Conveniently locate ON/OFF switch that fits securely to the back of your PS3 Slim.
    The X3Switch is a quality designed and manufactured product.

    Q1. What are the benefits of using the X3 Switch on my PS3 Slim?
    A. X3 Switch completely disables power that currently your PS3 Slim is using while even turned off. With the X3 Switch in the OFF position no power is being consumed by the PS3

    Q2. How does the X3 Switch save from wear and tear on my PS3 Slim?
    A. X3 Switch will save wear and tear by plugging in directly to the power port in the back of your PS3 Slim. This way you would not have to remove the power cord from your PS3 Slim only from the X3Switch or just turn if off. Then turn it on the next time you want to use your PS3 Slim.

    Q3. So the X3 Switch would be just like adding a switch like the PS3 (old Fat) systems have?
    A. Yes, that was exactly one of the reasons the X3 Switch was made to replace a feature that was left off of the PS3 Slim.

    Q4. How well does the X3 Switch attach to my Ps3 Slim?
    A. The X3 Switch was designed to fit tightly, securely and align up evenly with your PS3 Slim.

    Source: Logic-Sunrise

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