We'll admit it: We couldn't keep our mouths shut. Not just that -- we couldn't keep our eyes from bulging out of their sockets and our feet from skipping up and down the LA Convention Center halls. The 3DS technology was that impressive in person (in the midst of an otherwise fairly ho-hum E3 year, especially). In fact, we were so wrapped up in our glee, we didn't notice Nintendo was watching. Very closely, apparently.

During Nintendo of Japan's analysts meeting yesterday, it was suggested that the now official 25,000 ($300) price point for the handheld might be pushing consumer limits, as reported by Bloomberg (via Andriasang). (It should be noted that prices have not been confirmed for other regions; though at least one analyst expects the 3DS to retail for $250 in the U.S.) In response, Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata said the price was set by a number of factors that went unspecificed, save for one: reaction to the device at E3.

Rest assured, we're already practicing our poker faces for the next time Nintendo unveils the future before our very eyes.