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Thread: PSP: Solitaire

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    psp PSP: Solitaire

    Good old Klondike Solitaire for the PSP


    If you have a PSP with Firmware 1.0, 1.5 hacked or 2.0 to 2.6 then copy the contents of "firmware 1.0, 1.5 hacked, 2.0 - 2.6" to your PSP\Game folder.

    If you have a PSP with Firmware 1.5 then copy the contents of "firmware 1.5 (k-exploit) to your PSP\Game folder.

    The Controls

    • D-Pad
      Move the cursor.
    • Cross + Left/Right
      Move cards
    • Cross + Down
      Play from the pack to the selected stack
    • Circle + Up or Cross + Up
      Play from the selected stack to the suit stacks
    • Circle + Right
      Play from the pack to the suit stacks
    • Triangle
    • Left Trigger
    • Right Trigger
    • Select
      Go to the menu
    • Start
      Save the game


    • Initial Version

    Download and Give feedback Via Comments

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    awesome, finally a solitare game that i can play from the XMB

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    Spider AND solitaire for the PSP - superb time killers! Great work

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    nice but stil some card games....!

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    Any chance of a build for 2.71 devhook?

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    Now all we need is Pyramid Solitaire.


    I like this alot but the controls are a bit heavy for such a simple game.

    A easier method imo would be to allow the cursor to move around all the card locations.
    To deal a card you can either press X on top of the deck or press Triangle.
    Then hold X or O to move a delt card or existing card to and from any of the rows and the top 4 cells.
    If you place a card in the wrong location it returns to its previous position to make the game a little more challenging then it already is.
    To speed up sending cards to the top 4 cells Square or a Double tap of X could be used to send the card to its corresponding place in the top 4 cells.

    The moving of cards could be incorporated into your Spider Solitaire also to make it a bit more challenging.

    Keep up the good work.

    EDIT Again:

    I noticed a slight bug in the reshuffle. When you just moved your last card from the deck to the top of the pile and want to reshuffle the top card does not get put into the deck to make the right cell empty as it should. This confused me a bit a few times.

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    I'll have a think about how the cards move. How does your plan work when moving the cards around in the stacks?

    I am not quite sure what you mean about the reshuffle. The Klondike rules that I know don't allow you to reshuffle the deck, you just use the same deck again (you will still get different cards each pass throug because the cards that you use are removed from the sequence). When you run out of cards in the deck it just moved the pile to the deck and deals the required number of cards.

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    The way I was think of moving the cards is very similar to Microsofts Solitaire game. Since theres no mouse on the PSP you must hold X or O to move the cards but leave the way you select the cards the same in the rows. A double tap of X or another button like Square could perform what a double click in MS Solitaire does when you do it on a Ace or a card which needs to goto the top.

    I didnt really mean reshuffle but restack the deck. When the left cell is empty and press Triangle to send all the cards back to the left cell the top card remains in the right cell instead of going to the left as it does in many other programs.

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    Its not leaving the top card there. Its just dealing again. It just saves a redundant button press.

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