Brandon Wilson, known for his PSGroove port to the TI-84 Graphic Calculator, has released an update that sports a slew of new features...

PS3JB is a FLASH application for the TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition that implements the PSGroove exploit for the Playstation 3 console. By connecting a USB cable between a PS3 and your calculator and running the application, you can trigger the PSGroove exploit from your graphing calculator.

The latest version brings about several improvements:

* Current status is displayed at the bottom of the LCD:

* In addition to the usual jailbreak method, you can now install and uninstall a "hook" that allows the jailbreak to work at any point in the calculator's OS:

This even works when the calculator is off; the PS3 will turn it on as it enumerates USB devices, and the calculator will shut off after about 5 minutes of inactivity (through the calculators' existing Automatic Power Down feature).

Now you can shove the calculator and the USB cable behind the PS3 and forget it's there.

* External payloads are now supported. This means you don't have to re-assemble the application to use a payload different from the official PSGroove one.

These payloads are stored as calculator AppVars and selected through PS3JB's options menu:

These options are stored in an AppVar called PS3JBOPT, which can be archived to keep it safe from RAM resets.

To convert from a binary file containing the payload data to an AppVar, you can use To8XV (a VB.NET 2.0 program) found here, or you can create your own.

* AsbestOS is now supported. The stage 1 and stage 2 payloads are specified in the options menu as above. To use the standard jailbreak exploit, select "None" as the stage 2 payload (which is the default)