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Thread: Sony succeeds in banning PS Jailbreaks in Europe

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    ps3 Sony succeeds in banning PS Jailbreaks in Europe

    Good news for Playstation 3 fans.

    Sony is not sitting idly and watching the PSJailbreak wreck havoc. Apart from sanctioning the very mention of the name over at US websites, Sony has finally succeeded in banning the selling of the modchip in Europe.

    After releasing a security firmware update which made the PSJailbreak useless, Sony has gone 1up now and the Japanese manufacturer has cut the grass from under the feet of prospective hackers through an order which makes it illegal to sell the modchip and all its clones in Europe. This news has been confirmed by ChipSpain, one of the leading modchip online retailers who have taken off their stock of the PSJailbreak from their website following this recent order.

    Friday, October 8, 2010 · Prohibition to sell PS Jailbreak and its clones.

    Friday, October 8, 2010 · Prohibition to sell PS Jailbreak and its clones. PS jailbreak and similar products have been withdrawn from stock. All orders will continue to receive full support.

    This is really positive news for Sony and we hope they can soon stop the selling of this modchip throughout the world. It won’t be foolish to say that hackers are having a tough time. First, the security update and now this. As for PS3 fans, you should be relieved that being loyal to your console has paid off and you can still do whatever you want with your PS3!

    We will keep you updated as more on this emerges.
    This is a great move to stop piracy but sucks for those who are really interested in the homebrew scene. However, this does not affect USB development boards.

    Source: GamersMint
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    This does absolutely nothing. You just buy the cheaper development boards and program them through usb. It takes probably 5 minutes to read up on how to do on the internet if you are a complete noob and 10 seconds to perform.

    Homebrew and "backups" 4 eva!

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    or buy a dingoo to do the same job
    homebrew both at home and your pocket

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