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You’ll be happy to know Total_Noob’s 6.20 TN is shaping up nicely… The man himself has shared a progress update stating that 90% of homebrew is now working (from the XMB; not HBL) thanks to Davee. Below is a video demoing just that on a PSP-1000.

Right now Total_Noob doesn’t have a PSPgo to fully test with and hack apart. Sad, isn’t it? Well Dashhacks is going to pull through and hook you up TN — real recognize real — here’s a donation for a PSPgo comin’ at ya. We look forward to 6.20 TN.


•ParitionCheck has a new structure, fixed (now you can load unpacked prxes), thanks to Davee!
•One patch of ModuleManager was not right, fixed (now you can run all homebrews), thanks to Davee!
•Added some systemctrl exports