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Thread: Compile your own HEX with PSGroove-Maker

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    ps3 Compile your own HEX with PSGroove-Maker

    This online web tool allows you to compile your own HEX file for your dev board and even choose whether to have LED or not. You can make your own or you can download their pre-compiled HEX files.

    PSGroove Maker v0.1 is an online tool that is current hosted on the Project0 website that allows you to easy compile your custom selected version of PSGroove right online!

    All you have to do is choose your version PSGroove, your board type, frequency, and LED options and then click to download your complied-hex file ready to flash to your USB development board.

    For now this tool is not compatible with all the development boards, but surely the list will be expanded by the website authors.

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