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Danyl offers the new version of the PL3 (KaKaRoTo) for devices using Rockbox (An open source firmware for some MP3 players).

New / fixed:

- Compiled with the PL3 allowing the launch of games requiring firmware 3.42.

List of compatible devices:

* IPod 4G Greyscale
* IPod 4G Photo
* Gigabeat S
* GoGear HDD 1630-1830
* GoGear HDD 6330
* GoGear HDD 9200
* IRiver H10
* IRiver H10 5G
* IPod mini 1g
* 2G iPod mini
* M-Robe 100
* Sansa e200
* Sansa c200v1
* IPod nano 1g
* IPod Video 5G
* Vibe 500

The archive contains versions for PS3 with firmware 3.01, 3.15 and 3.41.


1. Download Rockbox Installer -
2. Use the install to install at least the minimum version of Rockbox

Once Rockbox running normally on your device:

- Just replace the file by one for your device in the archive for download. Remember to rename the archive file to match the one on your device.

Once your device is started on this new version of Rockbox, follow the usual procedure