Capcom has updated its official Devil May Cry 4 website, with a new flash intro showing off the game's updated logo and a countdown timer ticking down to next Friday.

Hopefully - we would presume - this means that we can expect the first solid info and media on the game to arrive next week, as currently we don't have much to go on in terms of gameplay details. However, the new DMC4 website seems to suggest a radical new gameplay addition for Capcom's fourth Dante-slasher, mostly fuelled by the intro message "From that day forth... my arm changed" and the updated logo which appears to show Dante with an unusually pointy-arm, perhaps suggesting that the half-devil man will sport a new bladed-limb in the PS3 instalment.

Still, this is all obviously with the great hat of speculation wrapped firmly around our ears. There's only seven days left to find out if our wild guesses are correct, and hopefully some new media and gameplay info will makes its way onto the net too. Stay tuned.