The most controversially named game of recent years -- Rockstar's Bully -- is in danger of becoming Just Another Game: Rockstar has announced that henceforth, it shall be known as Canis Canem Edit. Except in the US, where it will still be known as Bully.

Which is all rather bizarre. The origin of the new name is easy to describe: Canis Canem Edit (which, Latin-speakers will know, means Dog Eat Dog) is the motto of the fictional Bullworth Academy featured in the game.

Canis Canem Edit doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, and seems to be a wilfully obscure moniker to give the game -- surely a more obvious move would be just to call it Bullworth Academy. And the anti-bullying organisations calling for the game to be banned are hardly going to change their tune just because of a name-change.

Advertisement:The fact that Rockstar has retained the Bully name in the US suggests some reluctance has accompanied Rockstar's adoption of the tag Canis Canem Edit outside this territory. Could some sort of outside agency have influenced the decision? Perhaps they were bullied into it - boom boom!