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Thread: Separate Kinect Power Supply will cost you $35

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    xbox 360 Separate Kinect Power Supply will cost you $35

    So you bought a new Xbox 360 S console bundled with Kinect and like many others, you found out that your new camera doodad doesn't come with its own power supply. Microsoft thought you intended to use your Kinect with the Slim and this console alone. However, if you purchased the standalone Kinect or plan to purchase the standalone to be used with old Xbox 360's, the power supply is included.

    Microsoft's online store now has a listing for the power supply. You'll have to reach into your wallet for $34.99, if you want one. That's almost one whole fifth of the cost of Kinect on its own but if you need one, now you know where to get it.

    You think this was intentional to be left out and make you spend more money or just poor choice or thinking?

    Source: Joystiq
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    Or i guess you could spend $5 on a USB Charger.

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    This is Typical Microsoft, However the bundle is designed for people who don't have old 360s. so if you can connect the Kinect thing directly to the slim, i don't see the issue. as always M$ bulks up the price of possibly needed extras (like there bigger HDs, most people will buy them not knowing all they are is a modified laptop HD.) and hurts the consumer with high pricing. It makes me sad to see where gaming is going nowadays.

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