BioWare has moved to provide clarity on what it says are "translation errors" sparked by a post on the German BioWare forums, which seemingly revealed an interactive comic and a new six hour mission for the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2.

The interactive comic part is spot on. As BioWare's Jesse Houston confirms: "BioWare Edmonton (the group that made Mass Effect 2) teamed up with the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics to create an interactive backstory.

"While I can't release all the details about this yet, what I can tell you is that we want to create a stunning visual experience that not only tells the core story elements of Mass Effect 1, but also is fully interactive allowing you to be faced with some of the major choices which will have consequences your Mass Effect universe."

He goes on to hint that this comic may later make it to other platforms. "This interactive comic's initial release will be exclusive to PS3 owners who would be otherwise unable to realize the full effect of choice in the Mass Effect universe and will be included on the Cerberus Network," - emphasis on the word "initial" there.

Next up, the six hour DLC mission turns out not to be new, but an estimated combined gameplay time for the previously released DLC that will be included with the PS3 version. DLC packs Lair of the Shadow Broker, Project Overlord, Kasumi: Stolen Memory and the Blood Dragon Armour will all be on the disc, as well as an access code to the Cerberus Network.

Houston also appears to reveal new content for PS3, saying: "There will also be some DLC Bundles, such as the Aegis Pack as well as exclusive both Free and Paid DLC for all PlayStation 3 owners such as the Recon Operations Pack."

But the post has been edited to explain: "While I can't go into details all of this content is or was available to Xbox/PC Owners but otherwise wouldn't be available to PS3 owners."

So much for 'clarification'.