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Thread: Review: P3Go G-Switch Power ON/OFF Slim

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    ps3 Review: P3Go G-Switch Power ON/OFF Slim

    P3Go G-Switch Power ON/OFF Slim
    Manufacturer: G-Team
    Site: Buy from DealExtreme / Buy from VolumeRates / Buy from LighTake / Buy from PriceAngels
    Price: $4.18-$5.99

    P3Go GT-Break II USB microSD SDHC:

    Site: Buy from DealExtreme / Buy from LighTake / Buy from PriceAngels
    Price: $24.00-26.00 (dongle and switch)

    Overview : Prevent wear and tear from constantly plugging and unplugging power cable on the back of your PS3 Slim.

    Features for G-Switch :
    • Supports only PS3 Slim from any region. (USA, JAP, PAL and KOREA)
    • One time installation – Plug & Play and forget.
    • Allows you to recycle power on your PS3 Slim without the need of unplugging the cable from the back of your console.
    • Made out of high resistance polymer which is fireproof and has been built to last.

    Quality/Usability : In order to jailbreak your console, the PlayStation 3 console needs to be cold booted. That means you'll either have to turn the switch off and on, on the back of a fat PS3 or unplug and plug the power cord on the PS3 Slim. PS3 fat users got it easy but for Slim owners, it can be a hassle especially if your PS3 is in an entertainment center or in a spot that is hard to reach.

    G-Team has found a solution for all you PS3 Slim owners. They have released a switch that plugs in-between the PS3 Slim console and power cord thus giving you a dedicated ON/OFF switch without the need of constantly unplugging the power cord. However, the G-Switch actually comes included with their P3Go GT-Break II USB Jailbreak dongle but not everyone needs the dongle, so some retailers are selling just the switch alone.

    The G-Switch is a simple plug and play solution. Simply unplug the power cord from the PS3 Slim (this would be the last time you'll need to do this unless you're packing up your PS3). Insert the G-Switch into the back of your PS3 Slim and than attach the power cord to the G-Switch. The G-Switch is now in-between the cord and console. Now, rather than unplugging the power cord from the console, just flip the switch. To get power, just flip the switch to the ON position.

    The G-Switch worked as it should however, upon opening it up, the soldering job didn't look like it was done by machines at the manufacturing plant but by a worker instead. The switch worked as it should as I have constantly flipped the switch on and off but the soldering job wasn't as clean. Maybe they needed to include it with the dongles or maybe their manufacturing plant wasn't capable or soldering the switch due to design?

    Conclusion : Overall, the P3Go G-Switch Power ON/OFF Slim is a much needed accessory for anyone jailbreaking their console. The quality of the switch is very good but the soldering job could have been better and cleaner. Than again, what average user will go ahead and open up a product to see the inside? So as long it works and doesn't break, that's all that matters, right? The price is very affordable and online retailers offer FREE shipping for those who already have their preferred jailbreak device but is looking for a ON/OFF switch.

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