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Thread: Neoflash Summer Coding Comp 2006 Results are in :)

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    Shazz - you are part of TiTAN correct?

    R-Type is an excellent game, however the scene just has already seen something like it (Callisto), in which case it hasn't received much positive commentry from the scene. I have yet to try out the game myself after LiraNuna recommended I try it out I'll get around to it.

    PSMonkey meant no offense by his statement, but I think we all agree that Throttle X should've gotten first place just due to it acheived 3D, online play (downloadable map support), map editor - it definetly is a game I will continue to play long after this competition.

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    AnonymousTipster gets screwed again!!

    Another thing to chalk up to the sorry state of this compo.

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    Doesn't really matter what order they put the 4-10 to entries in since they all get the same prize. Everyone who got in the top 10 should be happy. It's for fun and if you are lucky, you get a free prize. No need to take it so seriously. Of course that's easy for me to say since I spent no time at all on my entry

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